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San Francisco Chronicle, May 2014, by Joshua Kosman

“[...] Tetzlaff joined Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony for a superb performance of Bartók's Second Violin Concerto. This was a virtuoso display of technical bravura and emotional eloquence, all wrapped into one beautifully integrated package. [...] Tetzlaff seemed to have all of these tonal shifts directly at his fingertips, moving from one mood to another with effortless ease - and, more important, helping the listener hear the connections among the concerto's disparate strains. [...] In the slow movement, Tetzlaff rose to even greater heights, probing the molodic contours of the main theme in ways that made each successive variation sound both surprising and logical. The finale, in which the orchestra plays its most important role,brought the concerto to a close in a flurry of showmanship. [...]”

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